United Photo Press photographer shows his latest timelapse

Bruno Rato - (selfie)
United Photo Press photographer Bruno Rato shows his latest timelapse from "Sunset Cabo da Roca Timelapse 4K".

Bruno Rato is Portuguese based in Lisbon, Portugal and work as a Freelance Photographer.

He studie photography techniques and composition, advanced studio ilumination and made several workshops with various trainers (Olhares.com/NextArt/ Etc) and also studied in IPF (Portuguese Institute of Photography) a professional course, done these wonderful last eight years various types of photography work, many studio and outdoor sessions, editorials, coverage of events, performances and ceremonies.​

​The photographer Bruno Rato is an international member from United Photo Press and is available for studio and outdoor photoshoots, portrait/fashion productions, corporate photography and all type of covers, like corporate events, ceremonies or other.

As a member of United Photo Press, the photographer has participated in several international exhibitions on four continents as well as two contemporary photography books.

Promotional material for any local businesses and promotional photography. Some of his images can be licensed to companies, websites, cover art, etc.

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