United Photo Press Photographer Cida Demarchi exhibit in Curitiba, Brazil

United Photo Press Photographer Cida Demarchi exhibit in Curitiba, Brazil

India Cabocla Jurema will be represented at the Photographic Exhibition "The Warrior of the Golden Feather".

Emphasizing feminine empowerment in her work, photographer was inspired by indigenous women to pay homage to a people with strong cultural traditions

In the month in which the Indian Day is celebrated, the Francis Bacon Art Space in Curitiba hosts the exhibition "The Warrior of the Golden Pena" by the photographer Cida Demarchi. The exhibition presents 19 photographs that are mixed in nine images of Cabocla Jurema and another ten with representations of different healers. It will be open for visitors from Tuesday to Friday, from 02 to 24 April, with free admission.

In Brazil, the Indian Day is celebrated on April 19, a very significant date to remember and strengthen the identity of the indigenous people of the Americas in history and current culture. The theme of this exhibition will present to the public the history of the Cabocla Jurema, the first Indian woman to become Chief of a tribe and warrior in the struggles of her people. "The strength of this woman crossed borders while she lived and consolidated after her death becoming a great entity that acts in the field of physical and spiritual healing. I redeem the figure of the benzedeira to work not only on the question of healing but, above all, to put on the agenda the question of the interrelation of knowledge with a view to overcoming prejudices about belief and knowledge, "explains Cida Demarchi.

In its context Cida wants to give visitors the opportunity to reflect on social issues involving intolerance and the difficulty of accepting the other. "I explored the issue of myth in the figure of the Cabocla Jurema (entity worshiped in physical-spiritual healing) and the question of symbolic efficacy in health treatments through the figure of the benzedeira, who drinks from various sources of knowledge and beliefs to accomplish his work, "says the photographer who carries the message that knowledge must flow freely over all sources so that it can develop and mature. "This exhibition is an invitation to a self-assessment. By walking through the various vibrations of healing, it will be possible to reflect on all the diseases of our society. "

About the photographer
Cida Demarchi is a member of United Photo Press, made several exhibitions in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany) and in Russia, Moscow at Sakharov Center. UPP is a NGO that has been working for 29 years in the diffusion of art (photography, painting and sculpture) through exhibitions in museums in Europe and the United States.

Exhibition The Warrior of the Golden Pen
Date: from April 2 to April 24, 2019.
Location: Francis Bacon Art Space - Rosicrucian Order (AMORC)
Address: Rua Nicarágua, 2620 - Bacacheri - 82515-260 - Curitiba, Paraná.
Free entrance
Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.