Symmetrical image of bald eagle becomes a phenomenon

The Moment was captured by a Canadian amateur photographer, Steve Biro

Earlier this month, Steve Biro, an amateur photographer, paid a visit to the animal recovery center, the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, in Ontario, from camera to hand.

He caught a single moment that became viral: an American water, or bald eagle, flying over a lake.

What makes the image spectacular is the reflection of the eagle in the water that creates a perfect and symmetrical oval. As if that were not enough, the eagle is looking directly at the camera and the tips of its wings touch the surface of the water.

The photograph was initially published on Facebook and later on the Reddit social network. Since then it has been shared thousands of times and spread all over the world. 

Steve Biro told the BBC how everything happened to achieve this moment. The eagle seemed annoyed and even irritated by his presence and the camera. He flew toward him, as if he wanted to "shake it off" the place. "I felt the breeze of its wings when it flew over me. It was very stimulating," he said.

"I have several wonderful images of the visit, but I loved the symmetry of this one in particular. And the powerful way the eagle is looking at me also surprised me."