Stay at home and visit the castle where Queen Elizabeth II remains in isolation

Like many of us, Queen Elizabeth II is also in isolation. Unlike us, however, the queen spends her days in a stunning castle that you can visit without leaving your home.

Queen Elizabeth ll is in isolation at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England, due to Covid-19. Those who are at home, however, can also visit the castle and do not even need to leave the sofa.

If you were attentive to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you will recognize the exterior of Windsor Castle and, with this virtual tour, you will be able to enter the building and explore much more, such as St. George's Hall, the Waterloo Chamber and the Sala of Drawing. All spaces are extremely luxurious with golden ceilings, tapestries and paintings. You can zoom in and out of each space to feel at home and click on the information icons to get more information about each location.

The 11th century castle serves as the queen's private home (usually on weekends) and also as a royal residence and is the place where the queen hosts visiting monarchs and presidents. Currently, it is the place where the Queen and Prince Philip are in isolation.

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