The questions of sexuality

Most people think that all this "promotion of sexuality", radically distorting the beauty of sex, is just something fortuitous born spontaneously in the hearts of young people; not quite. 

Behind all this current sexism (written pornography, porn movies, motels, erotic commercials, music, homosexuality, “gender”, etc.) that floods the media (radio, TV, music, internet, cinema, newspapers, magazines… ) is driven by an ideology that was transformed into a “Sexual Revolution” from the 1960s onwards. It all started with atheistic philosophy; such atheist philosophers as Heidegger, Marcuse, Shoppenhauer, Feuerbach, Nietsche, Marx, Engels, Freud and company. One of these, Herbert Marcuse, a German Jew (born in Berlin on 19 July 1898 and died on 29 July 1979), was an influential American naturalized German sociologist and philosopher belonging to the Frankfurt School, wrote a book “Eros e Civilização” (Zahar Editores, Rio de Janeiro, 1955), which started the Sexual Revolution. It is a book that is now in its 19th edition and is widely read by young university students.

Marcuse was an atheist and a communist. He wrote many works, among them: “Reason and Revolution”, 1941 (Reason and revolution, Paz e terra, RJ); “Soviet Marxism”, 1958 (Soviet Marxism, São Paulo, Saga, 1968); “One-Dimensional Man”, 1964 (Ideology of the Industrial Society, Editora Zahar, Rio de Janeiro); “Psychoanalyse und Politik”, 1968 (Psychoanalysis and politics, Ediciones, Península, Barcelona); “Towards a Critical Theory of Society”, 1969 (Ideas on a Critical Theory of Society, Zahar Editores, RJ); “Counter-revolution and Revolution”, 1972 (Counter-revolution and revolution, Zahar, RJ, 1973). 
The dear and prepared Father Paulo Ricardo, rector of the Seminary in Cuiabá, MT, shows very well on his website how Marcuse and others provoked the so-called Sexual Revolution that we are witnessing today. 

You can listen to his Lecture “Sexual revolution and Marxism” on the website. The first major effect of Marcuse's philosophy, which we will explain, was the famous Woodstock “hippies” festival, where sexual liberation, heavy rock music and drugs predominated. The message was this: “Peace and Love; do not make war, make love!" Apparently a beautiful slogan, which delighted the youth out of the Viet Nan War. In his book "Eros and Civilization", Marcuse, who was a Marxist, and who intended to end capitalism, came up with the following thesis. He thought that American society was capitalist, a lover of money, because the sexual repression he suffered due to the Christian formation he received had been ravaging him. 

The sexual taboo opened the door to greed, that was his thesis. For the philosopher, sexual repression caused the American to frustration in the pursuit of wealth; then, the “remedy” to end capitalism was to repress capitalist society with sexual liberation, eliminating all sexual taboos; and for that it was necessary a sexual revolution of the type "do not make war, make love"; "Peace and love, man!" The drug was disseminated among young people of the first generation of the Sexual Revolution, with the aim of anesthetizing their conscience, in order to be able to accept the breaking of "sexual taboos", since they received a good and correct sexual formation from their parents. The song had the same end. For Marcuse, the United States waged war (Viet Nam, II Guerra, etc.) because through it they could maintain economic power, and give vent to the greed produced by the sexual repression of their Christian formation.

Within the Marxist mentality of the “class struggle”, Marcuse did not leave an alternative to the dialogue with capitalism, but only the way out of its annihilation. Since communism was unable to do this by arms - the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 showed this - then the "revolution of customs and culture" should be chosen. That is why today universities are the nest of Marxist, pagan, materialistic and radical enemy of the Church. In other words, Marcuse idealized, with other philosophers, that the implantation of Marxism-communism in the modern world could only happen with the destruction of Judeo-Christian morals, the reason for sexual repression. That is your goal; and the Church today is alone in defending the Christian morals that shaped the West. Unfortunately today, the university, with rare and good exceptions, is a den of Marxist atheism that preaches this culture.

The press follows in the same vein because journalists are mostly trained at these same universities. Thus, these opinion leaders are spreading those ideas whose fruit today is clearly seen also leading to politics: abundant distribution of condoms and abortion pills the next day, support for homosexuality and lesbianism, officialization of gay marriages, approval of abortion, outrageous pornography in all media, especially the internet with easy access to young people.

Father Paulo Ricardo calls attention in his teaching to something serious. Yesterday's youth (1970 and following) committed sexual insanity with an awareness that he was doing something wrong in the face of the training he received, but today, the current youth no longer receive this training at home, so they practice sexual insanity, and much worse, without the slightest pain of conscience. He notes, as a confessor, that sexual sins today are committed on a much greater scale of depravity and refinement. 

Today there is only resistance in the family and in the church against this terrible sexual revolution; its bitter fruits are destroying not only young people, but their families, as well as society.

Carol Mercedes
Pink Hot Publisher / United Photo Press Magazine