The first 100 years of photography in Europe available online

The Eiffel Tower at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, 1900, Léon & Levy, Parisienne de Photographie

The British Library and Louvre Museum, European Union platform has just launched a section with 2.2 million photos.

Maintained by the European Union, the Europeana platform is an online art library powered by institutions such as the Berlinische Galerie, the National Library of France, the Louvre Museum and the British Library. It is constantly updated and includes, for example, collections focused on Baroque and Enlightenment art , postcards from Southeast Europe and collections of manuscripts . In May 2017, the platform launched the Europeana Photography * themed collection .

This collection brings together images and documents from 50 European institutions from 34 countries that document the first 100 years of photography on the European continent. There are more than 2.2 million photographs, some of them pioneers, such as the British Julia Margaret Cameron.

The material will also be gathered and organized in virtual exhibitions in a series, entitled “ The pleasure of abundance ”, which, according to the curators, “ celebrates the opulence and visual richness of vintage photography ”. One of the first exhibitions in the series is called “ Industrial photography in the age of machines ” and brings together images of machines, cities, industries and workshops from the early 20th century.