United Photo Press member Philipp Deutler opens exhibition in Landshut


United Photo Press photographer member Philipp Deutler, opens today 16 May 2020 his solo exhibition "People & Mountains" at the Peter Litvai gallery in Landshut, Germany which is open until 14 June 2020.

Born and raised in Rostock, Philipp Deutler was very interested in photography as a means of capturing and documenting his environment. 

At that time pictures were taken from the immediate vicinity, later as an adult, pictures taken while traveling: cityscapes, cityscapes, people in the city.

Two black-and-white shots from this first urban period of work show people standing on a stage condensed in an extreme panorama format and invite you to invent stories.

With the first conscious experience of a glacier up close - it was the Pasterze in the Hohe Tauern - 12 years ago there was a change in Deutler's creative field.

Impressed by the beauty and sheer size of the ice and rock formations, from then on he photographed almost exclusively glacier and mountain landscapes. 

His rather objective view focuses on the exploration of the large-scale structures of the landscapes, which are often depicted almost in two dimensions, their materiality and the size relationships between people, their traces and features and the landscape.

Kehlstein I, 2008/2020

Nevertheless, as you get closer, you can still discover many details in the pictures and sometimes even decipher them. The colored landscape photographs shown in the exhibition span an arc over this phase of work.

Philipp Deutler studied electrical engineering and later media design, now lives in Munich and is a designer for operating and display concepts for an automotive company.

We are now making up for the Philipp Deutler exhibition planned for today March 16. A vernissage is unfortunately not possible under the current security regulations, so we have recorded an introductory interview for you, which you can watch here.

Deutler participated as a photographer in the United Photo Press 30th anniversary book.

Please take into account that, due to the current regulations, only two people may stay in the gallery at the same time. Wearing a face mask is mandatory, we ask you to bring your own.

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