30 Years of United Photo Press Creative Artists

We present the 30 YEARS OF UNITED PHOTO PRESS CREATIVE ARTISTS international exhibition & creative artists book, that will inaugurate in October 2020 in Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz, in the heart of the city of Funchal in Madeira Islands.

The UNITED PHOTO PRESS is ready to restart !

After the international exhibition in January 2020 at Setúbal city and after the forced stop due to the global pandemic we still work too open our second international exhibition to continue commemorate the 30 years starting from October 01, 2020 at Funchal city. We can't wait to see you and your art works again and continue spread and sharing contemporary art all over the world from Electricity Museum on the beautiful Madeira Islands.

I begin by thanking our members throughout the world and the future members as well guests who participated in our international books, exhibitions of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, etc..., for your availability, imagination and interest in the United Photo Press over these 30 years. 

Our special thanks go to The American Institute of Arts and the University of Queensland in Australia for their recognition in our contribution to spread the contemporary art in the world. The work of today is the certainty of tomorrow, because we are all artistically together without distinction of race, color or sex, which stimulates our dream in inspiration of feeling new formulas, new techniques, new materials, so that we grow together ... 

Not all was easy in our 30 years of existence – of course we encountered and resolved difficulties, problems, deviations and setbacks. The largest obstacle and threat to the UPP's survival have been the tight budget/underfunding and continuously acquiring and retaining new members worldwide. Self-financing remains until now the biggest challenge to UPP as an international non-profit association.

Our publications and international exhibitions (ranging from Madeira Islands, Moscow, Tokyo, Munich and New York amongst other large cities) are intended to record both UPP's 30 years of struggle and inspiration in the process of spreading art construction. We hope that both serve as reflection material for society in general, art academies as well as art galleries worldwide.

After 30 years, the thematic scope is to continuously develop and diversify artistically. This will support to explain our longevity and the international interest: All generated by United Photo Press artists, books and exhibitions.

30 YEARS OF UNITED PHOTO PRESS CREATIVE ARTISTS is a international contemporary art fair that presents solo projects by international artists. The 30th anniversary will present for 30 days a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance. 

The background music will be contributed by Austrian UPP member’s Tan Ses, winner of Academia Music Awards in Los Angeles for Best Ambient/Instrumental Song and American UPP member Alison Welles Jazz Quintet from New York. From Italy comes the first expected presentation  in Portugal of the documentary "Laboratory Greece" by UPP member filmmaker and photographer Jacopo Brogi, that portrays the genesis, decline and revenge of liberalism.

30 YEARS OF UNITED PHOTO PRESS CREATIVE ARTISTS provides artists and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their works to the world in a fascinate museum to an international audience of professionals as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best contemporary art talents. 

See 2019 edition here: 

The exhibition + book 30 YEARS OF UNITED PHOTO PRESS CREATIVE ARTISTS will be presented at Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz from 01 to 31 October 2020 in the city of Funchal in Madeira Islands. The vernissage of the United Photo Press exhibition will be held on 01 October, at 6pm.

Carlos Alves de Sousa
President of United Photo Press