Leica M10 Monochrom gets a coloured version, the new camera M10-R may launch on July 19

Leica may soon introduce a new camera called Leica M10-R which looks similar to the M10 Monochrom. But unlike the black-and-white camera, M10-R will take coloured photos.

Leica launched its M10 Monochrom camera in India in the month of March. The notable feature of the M10 Monochrom, as the name suggests, is the black-and-white photography. Leica M10 Monochrom can only take grayscale or b/w photos.

Now, the German camera maker may soon launch a new camera. Leaks and rumours suggest the camera could be a coloured version of the M10 Monochrom. Leica may introduce the upcoming camera with a coloured sensor and call it, Leica M10-R.

Such news of the upcoming camera being a coloured version of the M10 Monochrom, is suspected as fresh images and details have been leaked. The images of the Leica M10-R on the internet look similar to Leica M10 Monochrome camera. There were conjectures that "R" in the M10-R could stand for Resolution. This implied that the upcoming Leica camera will sport a 47-megapixel sensor.

In a latest report by Leica Rumors, it is revealed that Leica M10-R sensor may not be the same as a 47-megapixel sensor as in the Leica SL2 mirrorless camera model, or in the full-frame Leica Q2 camera model. The report further stated, "but a brand new 40MP sensor, similar to the M10 Monochrom but in color" can be found.

As per the report, Leica M10-R could be available in two different colors: black and silver. The price of the new Leica M10-R can be close to its already launched black-and-white M10 Monochrom version. But we are sceptical about the same because then what happens to the added colours by Leica in the camera?

Pavni Jain