Malaga Festival: Cinema in the Covid Times

In Malaga, opened the first major film festival to take place in Spain after the confinement dictated by Covid-19. 

The Malaga Festival aims to reach a wide audience with the panorama of film culture. Training, creativity and innovation come together in an activity that is characterized by its dynamic character in constant development and transformation. 9 days entirely dedicated to enjoying, learning and studying the trends of cinema, presenting the main projects of Spanish cinema.

Originally planned for March, the twenty-third edition of the festival has now opened with rules adapted to the situation. For example, the traditional parade of stars for the red carpet, which used to be a public event, was replaced by a photocall just for the press.

Says the actress Carolina Yuste: "This is very strange, but it has to be, because we have to be responsible. It’s a good thing that this year’s festival hasn’t been lost, because it’s an important impulse for people to go to the movies and to stay informed about the movies to see ".

Álvaro Cervantes, actor and member of the jury, also believes that it is important for the festival to take place: "We must continue with cultural life, festivals and protocols. 

This festival is important to give cinema and culture in general the boost it needs. they need to show that they are safe activities and thereby encourage other festivals to resume ".

The Malaga Festival is seen as a rehearsal for other festivals to be held in Europe, such as Venice and San Sebastián, which will also have to adapt to the new reality. The program had to be reduced from the 201 feature films initially planned to 152.


United Photo Press photographers live in Malaga
Frank Ramos
Chus Gonzalez