Canon entered the Guinness World Records book with the world's longest digital photo print

The printed photo is 109 meters (309.7 foot) long and was printed with an image PROGRAF PRO-6100 printer. The photo was printed during the “Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel” event in Germany. Weather resistant paper from Ilford was employed, along with just 1,37 liters of ink.

Canon has officially set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ record on the Schattenbergschanze, where the best ski jumpers in the world hunt for records during the Four Hills Tournament. Despite the adverse weather conditions, with temperatures close to freezing point, continuous rain and the first snowflakes this year, Canon managed to print the longest digitally printed photo in the world in front of the jury on Saturday afternoon. The printing process took almost 16 hours and reached the incredible length of 109.04 meters. Canon supported the campaign with a comprehensive donation program, with a total of 5,000 euros for “Look!” eV, a regional association for aid to children and victims.

Canon is the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ record holder

On September 26th, the historical Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf sees a world record of a special kind: Canon succeeded with the image PROGRAF PRO-6100 Large format photo printer to produce the longest continuous digital photo print in the world. For this purpose, the printer was placed at the highest point of the ski jump and continuously supplied with special paper from the manufacturer Ilford via a roll so that the pressure could slowly slide down towards the valley. 

A collage of landscape images, photos of citizens and famous personalities from Oberstdorf as well as sports and historical photos was printed. Under the watchful eye of the official record judges, media representatives and the Vice President of the German Bundestag and patron of the Oberstdorf Photo Summit Claudia Roth, Canon has achieved a total length of 109.04 meters and an ink consumption of only 1,37 liters officially received the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ record for the longest digitally printed photo in the world.

Image © Jochen Kohl – K2 Studio, Schattenbergschanze Oberstdorf: Canon prints the longest digital photo in the world

After Canon had set the world record and the longest digitally printed photo in the world covered the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf, Claudia Roth, Vice President of the German Bundestag, congratulated everyone involved.

Every photo for a good cause

The commitment at the eighth Oberstdorf Photo Summit consisted of expert advice at the stand, touch & try options and professional sensor cleaning for your own Canon camera and could be noticed by the visitors. In addition, the record print was divided into its individual motifs, which could be auctioned online. The income generated from this also goes to the non-profit children’s and victims’ aid association.

“The eighth Oberstdorf Photo Summit was a complete success for Canon,” said Markus Koch, European Document Solutions Group Director at Canon Germany. “We are particularly pleased to do something good with pictures and our products in accordance with our principle, to support the“ Schaut hin! ”EV association with a donation of 5,000 euros. We would therefore like to thank everyone who supported the fundraising campaign, those responsible for the eighth Oberstdorf Photo Summit, the Ilford company for the weatherproof paper, and the Oberstdorf municipality, which provided us with the impressive backdrop for our longest photo print in the world.

More information about the photo summit and the entire event program is also available at: www.fotogipfel-oberstdorf.de