Exclusive photos from Augusta National: The 20 best Masters photos you haven’t seen

After all the hype leading up to an unprecedented November Masters, the tournament did not disappoint. From the fall foliage to the golden-hour rays, we got a rare look at Augusta National outside the typical April window.

If you were glued to your television last week like most of us were, you likely have a pretty good idea of the vistas the course provided this year. However, we sent a photographer of our own to get an even more comprehensive look at this special edition of the Masters.

From never-before-seen angles of the course, to behind-the-scenes access, Stephen Denton captured the vibe of the week through his lens in a way you won’t see anywhere else. Here, you can check out 20 photos (above or below) for an exclusive look at one of the most gorgeous and exclusive properties in golf.

Carlos Alves de Sousa