Implicit sex

Sex is human nature itself - we exist and reproduce on our own. It is in us, exposed or tacit. Even when we create artificial means of reproduction, the biological essence is sexual.

For many centuries, we have hidden sex from ourselves. At least, since the fall of the Roman Empire, in the century. 5, until the Sexual Revolution of the middle of the century. 20, we have been denying it.

Judeo-Christian moralistic imposition, Islamic radicalism and the excesses of the Catholic Inquisition insisted on the sex-sin association.

Curiously and contradictory, however, dressing the body is declaring that it is sexual. Nobody would bother to cover something dull or uninteresting.

Exposed sexuality even seems, at times, less attractive than veiled, implied.

In order not to declare itself absolutely pornographic, the artistic material can be termed 'erotic', a resource of euphemism to circumvent some rancidity of censorship and obtain approval from certain women.

Malice, even in the most moralistic times, has always been recognized as belonging to the nature of men.

Female malice is now allowed to flourish, even with specific pornographic production.

At the end of the 19th century, the first pornographic films appeared in Europe. They were rare, expensive and not very explicit. Regarding the enormous availability of videos of our day and the great prominence in the exhibition of genital anatomy, they were naive.

General porn production has grown a lot since the 1960s. Scandinavia was lavish and almost unique in this regard. Today, it is estimated that the world pornography market, including videos, prints, books, films, everything, is worth 14 billion dollars a year.

So, even after all the revolutionary transformation that has now reached 70 years, there is still a lot of interest in explicit sex.

Strictly speaking, in today's time, this would be impractical: there are opportunities for casual sex, uncompromised relationships, the most varied, face-to-face and virtual.

There are couples who present themselves with a lot of disinhibition, exposing the genitals, without embarrassment or shame. However, this is even defined as an exclusive carnal encounter, without soul participation. Partners may not even identify themselves - great bodily intimacy is anonymous.

However, as they are people, with human needs and sensitivities, they participate in this essentially corporal encounter, also needing to protect themselves on the spiritual plane. You will have to take care of yourself on two levels: genital condom and condom for the heart.

It is clear that romantic involvement (this continues on the rise, despite the contrary impressions), combined with erotic enthusiasm, profoundly enriches the intimate experience.

Open, intensely participatory, exposed souls can promote an exponential erotic climate, allowing couples to choose occasions of very explicit sex or of implicit, subtle and delicious seduction.

Carol Mercedes
Hot Pink Publisher / United Photo Press Magazine