Michelin star chef reviews Tiger Woods’ Champions Dinner menu

Tiger Woods has had his Masters Champions dinner menu set since February, when he told reporters that he was going to choose a menu that was an homage to his Southern California roots: steak, chicken fajitas and sushi.

If some of those items sound familiar, it’s because Woods has selected them before. Back in 2006 (his most recent Champions dinner), Woods served stuffed jalapeño and quesadilla appetizers with salsa and guacamole; green salad; steak fajitas, chicken fajitas, rice and refried beans, with apple pie and ice cream for dessert. In 2002 and 2003, both sushi and steak were on the menu.
It’s a pressure-packed occasion, one that calls for clear thinking and crisp execution.

Playing in the Masters? Nope.

Planning a Masters Champions Dinner.

This year, for the fifth time in his career, Tiger Woods got to pick the menu, which was made public on Tuesday.

It’s a three-course affair that opens with a sushi roll, moves on to a mixed-plate of steak and chicken, and closes with a dessert trio of flan, churros and sopapillas, a Latin-inflected fried dough.

For wines, Woods chose two from the Napa Valley: a Chardonnay (2015 Shafer, Red Shoulder Ranch) and a Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Shafer, Hillside Select).