Why You Should Be Shooting on Film in 2021

If 2020 has somehow given you an appreciation of tactile experiences and a slower pace of life, you might want to consider periodically leaving your digital camera at home in in the new year and start capturing the world on film instead. Here are a few good reasons why.

Film geek Jason Kummerfeldt of grainydays is something of an evangelist when it comes to shooting on film, and while he has some slightly rude things to say about digital, his reasons for you to start shooting on film are compelling and might give you the nudge that you need to hunt down the Nikon FE2 that you've been pondering. 

Some of these reasons will be familiar, but Kummerfeldt’s presentation is well worth your time, especially for anyone who just needs a gentle push.

While the choice of film stock isn’t as extensive as it once was, there’s a good argument that there’s never been a better time to shoot on film simply because creating high-quality scans of your negatives has possibly never been cheaper or easier. You can rig up your existing digital camera or splash out on a secondhand scanner and then use the widely-respected Negative Lab Pro as part of your workflow.

Andy Day