Madeira Photography Museum - Atelier Vicente's Receives The New Book From United Photo Press

Madeira Photography Museum - Atelier Vicente's received today the new book from United Photo Press delivered by the UPP member photographer João Sá e Sousa to the director of the Museum, Filipe Bettencourt. (photo João Sá e Sousa)

The book delivered today to the Madeira Photography Museum's collection was the second volume of the UPP's 30th anniversary celebration. This new 220-page book features 29 black and white projects by UPP international artists, including photography and painting.

"This new volume that we named "United Photo Press 30 Years Of Creative Projects In Black & White ", in addition to celebrating 30 years of the UPP, also intends to celebrate the ever present black and white photography in the lives of all of us at throughout these decades, because it made perfect sense to have copies for consultation at the Vicente Museum, which is also an international reference for many international institutions, namely National Geography. " Refers the UPP president Carlos Alves de Sousa.

The book will be launched in person if pandemic conditions allow it all over the world, starting in April in the city of Setúbal in Portugal, going to Madeira Islands, Brazil in Curitiba and Piauí, Russia in the city of Moscow, Germany in the city of Munich and others will be scheduled according to the pace of the global pandemic that affects the whole world.

"United Photo Press 30 Years Of Creative Projects In Black & White" can however be purchased in the UPP online store or by email info@unitedphotopress.net for the amount of € 35.00 or the kit consisting of the book + ecological bag for 40,00 € plus shipping.