24 Hummingbird Flowers to Attract Pollinators to Your Yard

When you start to design your garden or landscape, you should consider including hummingbird flowers. They’re bright, cheerful, and they can produce large flowers throughout the spring and summer months. 

They come in a large range of colors, shapes, and styles that can fill in your landscape and line up as excellent walkway edging plants. As a bonus, many hummingbird flowers have a sweet scent that draws pollinators to your yard like bees, and they can fill the air as you go out and enjoy the warm months. Many of them are great for novice gardeners because they’re not difficult to maintain.

If you’ve never heard of hummingbird flowers before, or you want more variety to add to your landscape, this is for you. I’ve picked out several bright and cheerful hummingbird flowers you can plant around your yard. Some of them are larger bush-type plants, and many of them fit nicely in containers. Whatever design aesthetic you want, there are hummingbird flowers available for you.