B&W film photography on Kodak T-MAX 100 (35mm Format / EI 100 / Nikon N90 + NIKKOR 80-200mm f/4.0)

Hello my name is Ramiro Posada. I'm located in La Ceja, a municipality 40 km from Medellín, Colombia’s second city in South America. For my return to the chemical process of black and white film photography, I dusted off my old Nikon N90 camera, which I used commercially in combination with the Nikon F4 in the last decade of the 20th century, and, surprise, it doesn’t seem to have any problems after it’s almost 20-year hiatus.

I fitted him the manual Nikkor 80-200 f / 4.0 lens, excellent and sharp lens, these are the results with Kodak T-MAX 100 film, film that I had stored in my fridge, acquired about 2 years ago. I also had to find my developer tanks, spirals, timer, find the development tables, buy the chemicals, prepare them, package them and bring them to working temperature to venture once more into the development process.
Developed in D-76 1:1, and scanned in Pacific’s Prime Film scanners using Vuescan. Post-editing done in Photoshop. I am really surprised with the results obtained, I hope to share more of my work in the future. It is truly a comforting and indescribable experience to return to these origins. Those of you who worked with photographic film in the past I know will feel something similar.

Well this is a good thing that this pandemic has left us. I have in mind to review and fine-tune a Mamiya RB67. I just received a 52 year Speed ​​Graphic Pacemaker with which I am shooting 4×5 plates, all of this made me dust off the Jobo CPA2 processor for rotational development and with a view to developing C-41 color!

Ramiro Posada