Ethan Hawke received the President's Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

The American actor Ethan Hawke. (António Cossa / United Photo Press)

In addition to two Oscar nominations for his acting, he has two other nominations as a screenwriter. On Friday in Karlovy Vary, he staged the drama Despair and Hope and won the festival audience.According to the festival organizers, Ethan Hawke has a reputation for being an extremely adaptable actor, who portrays different types of characters in films of different genres and moods with admirable persuasiveness.

The key moment in the actor's career came in 1995, when Richard Linklater cast him in the upcoming romance Before Dawn, which resulted not only in a joint work on the other two sequels to the trilogy Before Twilight and Before Midnight, completed nine years apart. A fateful encounter with Linklater led to collaboration on eight films, including the art hit Boyhood.

In addition to the director-actor relationship, some of them are also signed as co-writers. Hawke has also repeatedly appeared in the work of Andrew Niccol (Gattac, The Merchant of Death, Good Kill) and Antoine Fuquy (Training Day, The Best of Brooklyn, The Seven Brave and the Upcoming Emergency Call). But his filmography includes works by a number of other renowned Hollywood directors: The Great Hopes of Alfonso Cuarón, Before the Devil Finds Out You're Dead Sidney Lumet, or The Despair and Hope of Paul Schrader.

Hawke made his directorial debut with Chelsea Walls, followed by an adaptation of his own novel, Bitter Landscape, Seymour: An Introduction, and the latest Blaze, a biography of country singer Blaze Foley, for which he also wrote the screenplay. Among his four Oscar nominations are two for his performances in Training Day and Boys, and two more for screenplays for Before Twilight and Before Midnight.

António Cossa