Antequera Blues Festival 2021

Festival de Blues de Antequera 2021 / Chus González -United Photo Press

'Bello Band' and 'Beiztegui and The Boogie Barkers' open the nights of the blues festival in Antequera !

Despite the pandemic, on Friday, July 30, the Antequera blues festival began in 2021, in which the Patio de Caballos in the Plaza de Toros becomes an open-air blues club.

With a reduced capacity of 182 people, on Friday night he transformed the place prior to the parade of the national holiday into a music auditorium where "Bello Band" began with claw with the Venezuelan guitarist who was in 2019, presents his album, with a very powerful band. A blues that dares to approach funky, jazz and rock and roll.

With entry control, live transmission by "streaming" for those who could not enter or move, the festival began at 10.30 pm. After a short break, second and last turn for “Beiztegui and The Boogie Barkers”, a ‘bluesman’, one of the surprises in Spain, where the Granada-born Fernando makes a pure blues.

You can see the photo album here.

The Sun of Antequera
Chus González / Carlos Alves de Sousa
United Photo Press