Angenieux Announces Two New Full-Frame Optimo Ultra-Compact Zooms

Angenieux has just announced two new full-frame Optimo Ultra-Compact zooms. The 21-56 T2.9, and the 37-102 T2.9. Thus expanding its full-frame solution that includes the Optimo Primes, Optimo Ultra 12X, and the new Optimo Ultra-Compact zooms.

Angénieux Full-Frame Optimo Ultra Compact Zooms

As stated on the Angénieux Instagram: “Just in from the Festival de Cannes, the mystery has been revealed! Angénieux has just announced two new full-frame Optimo Ultra-Compact zooms. We will thus offer a complete full frame high-end solution”. The focal lengths of the Optima Ultra-Compact are 21-56 T2.9, and 37-102 T2.9. These lenses join the Optimo Primes and the Optima Ultra 12X.Cannes 2021- Lens Manufacturers Chart
Optimo: The most used lens in Cannes 2021’s films

The Angenieux Zooms, especially Optimo lenses, were among the most common glass utilized by Cannes Film Festival 2021’s filmmakers. Generally speaking, the Angenieux was the selected lens brand for nine features. Cooke was the leading brand, while Angenieux took second place, which is a significant jump comparing to previous film festivals.

You can explore the segmentation in the chart below:

Cannes 2021- Lenses Chart