How Does the Canon EOS R3 Compare to the Sony a1?

The Canon EOS R3 and Sony a1 are two of the most powerful consumer cameras ever made, both offering ridiculous 30 fps continuous burst rates, class-leading autofocus, and a range of other highly advanced capabilities. This excellent video comparison takes a look at both cameras and compares their respective designs, autofocus capabilities, and sensor performance to see which edges the other out.

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this helpful video compares the design, autofocus, and sensor performance of the Canon EOS R3 and Sony a1 mirrorless cameras. Though both cameras are powerhouses that can fire off 30 fps, they have essential differences between them.

Design-wise, the most obvious difference is the Sony a1's lack of a built-in grip, though you can, of course, buy one to add an extra battery and to make portrait orientation images far easier to shoot. 

Beyond that, the other major difference is the sensor resolution, with the EOS R3 offering 24 megapixels, while the Sony a1 more than doubles that to 50 megapixels. 24 megapixels is often plenty for most applications, but of course, 50 megapixels leaves a lot more flexibility, particularly the ability to crop in in post and still retain plenty of resolution.

On the other hand, that adds up to a lot more storage space and computing power needed to tackle those images, so it is worth thinking about what best suits your needs and workflow. Check out the video above for Abbott's full thoughts on both cameras.