The UNITED PHOTO PRESS will publish internationally the book:

“WORLD – black & white”+ Painters

The UNITED PHOTO PRESS will publish internationally the book:

"WORLD - black & white" + Painters

Release FNAC, Bertrand and others in Europe, for Christmas 2013, with pre-launch on the Internet in November 2013, and spread around the world where they are our international members, Portugal, United States, Brazil, Mexico , China, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, England, France, Colombia, Japan, Australia, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Iceland, Canada, Chile, Algeria and others.

Rules and graphic procedure

1. Can participate in the international book "WORLD - black & white" + Painters, all members of United Photo Press that have to date annual quotas, or become new members until the 30 of september 2013 (inclusive).

2. The size of the book 21 by 21 cm. Each member is entitled to 4 leaves / 8 pages  and photographers can only send 10 photographs in black and white + photo name + bio,etc, the remaining artists can upload 10 photos + the name of his works + bio, etc ... in JPG format, 300 dpi, for mail: webmaster@unitedphotopressworld.org

The paging of the book is made by the graphic design of the UPP

3. The pages that have written information such as the name of the photographs and other, will have to be necessarily in English. Should not have sexual content, racist, xenophobic or any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate to common sense.

4. Participation
Participation in International Book UPP "WORLD - black & white" + Painters, obeys the commitment of the member  advance purchase 10 books at cost of € 20 (twenty euros) unit, for a total of € 265 (two hundred and sixty five euros). Includes: launch, printing, logistics and international exhibitions with T-Shirt participation.

Portugal - Setubal (book launch and international exhibition)
House of Culture - Arts Space - 10 at January 31, 2014

• Madeira - MIAB (book launch and international exhibition)
Madeira International Art Biennale Fine Art
Electricity Museum - January 16 to February 16, 2014

The cover price of the book retail is 35 € (thirty-five euros), with printing on the back of the price in euros, dollars and pounds. The payment will be made until the day 30 september, 2013 will UNITED PHOTO PRESS by bank transfer:

VALUE: € 265.00 (two hundred sixty five euros)
NIB: 0035 0019 00004008930 81
IBAN: PT50 0035 0019 00004008930 81
WESTERN UNION and outside Europe

5. Shipping
The shipment cost of the book are for the account of a member of the UPP. Shipments of the book are in Europe will charge or bank transfer in advance, for the rest of the world will be advised of the amount in advance. The member of the UPP may subsequently acquire more books, always at the cost price of € 20 (twenty euros) unit, plus respective shipping.

6. Additional Information:

+351 9191 3535 5 vodafone free call
+351 9200 4804 6 Lycamobile free call

facebook.com / unitedphotopress