United Photo Press Photographer Ricardo Praga | last exhibition!

SICILY cafe Gallery
The photographer and digital artist Ricardo Praga, member of the United Photo Press, will be opening a solo exhibition on the 23rd September in Prague.

During this year, Ricardo Praga´s Artwork has been presented in several Art festivals all over the Europe such as Fiarte (Granada), Prague Photo Festival (Prague) and very recently exhibited his work in Sarajevo during the film festival.

The last stop for the year 2013 will be SICILY cafe Gallery. Not only an excelent place due to its own coffee, beverages and quality food but also a great place due to the extensive area that is available for exhibiting fine ART. At a first glance, with the Spot lights pointing at the wall, seem that the infrastructure of the place was carefully thought and  designed to promote photography and paint artists, but is not unusual to meet there also other forms of art. 

The exhibition will be running from September 2013 till the end of the year. Exhibited will be a range of pictures from last 5 years of Ricardo Praga's artwork  installed in one big homogeneous compilation. For this exhibition specially, the artist carefully have chosen pictures from each one of his projects, due to his goal of bringing an imaginary relation between all. Sort of a puzzle, which will see and or feel by soul, besides the creator himself, probably only a few.

For those, whose priority of spending quality time is a special mix of active but cosy atmosphere, healthy but modern meals, great service with an atmosphere where beauty assumes forms of art, care for details, this place is the right place to visit.

Clik here to see works from Ricardo Praga