Anna Untz support compound Help's projects towards the Trafficking!

United Photo Press and Society Help interviewing Anna Untz about how charities can be improved.

Question: How good do you think that our charitable works?
Can I use contributions more efficiently?

Anna replies that there is a risk that some of the money does not reach those who need them. It is not always clear where the money goes. The large organizations collect many millions. I want it to be clear where the money ends up.

Question: Swedish Fundraising Control has a system of 90 accounts set which companies will be quality stamped and the requirement is that at least 75% of the money goes to the purpose. What do you think about it?

"90 account is good," says Anna. It allows contributors know that a lot of money going where they should be.

Question: Which organization supports you today?

"Right now I support Save the Children and Project Playground. I would like to get more involved, if possible, to go down to Africa one month as a volunteer."

Anna says that she has lived in the US and where it is common to leave money to charity.

Goran tells about "The Giving Pledge", where over a hundred billionaires have pledged to give half of his wealth to the poor.

Anna thinks it is something that more people should emulate.

Question: What funding organization do you do a good job?

"Musikhjälpen doing a good job and I like Doctors without Borders" says Anna Untz.

Goran ask what Anna Untz think that some managers at several charities serving over a million per year.

Anna think that if these managers do a good job so they deserve a fair wage. They may spend a lot of time and commitment.

Goran tells of "Doctors without Borders" in which top managers are paid a salary of SEK 50 000 a month. Is this something to emulate?

Anna says that there certainly are good and she likes "Doctors without Borders" does a great job. Many of those who work with the charity's enthusiasts and it is only right that they get an ok wage for their work.

Finally, which projects the Association Help would you give 3000 crowns?

"Project Against Trafficking, I want to donate to. It's disgusting." votes Anna Untz.

Goran and United Photo press thanks Anna for her contribution and wish her good luck.