Photo exhibit shows windows from Morocco

White wall where the sky is blue
Ania Billian / United Photo Press

A set of 75 photos with landscapes, Windows and houses taken throughout the world can be seen at Novo Projeto store, in Salvador. They were taken by Ania Billian and include images from Morocco.

A photo exhibition in Salvador, capital of Bahia state, displays images of landscapes, houses and windows from places throughout the world, among them Morocco, the Arab country in Africa. The images are from photographer Ania Billian and can be seen at the Bahia state store of the interior decoration chain Novo Projeto. The exhibit presents 75 framed photos. Among them, five photos from Morocco, with the main feature being the colors of the buildings.

Billian, now 80 years old, is a businesswoman from the real state sector, but dedicates herself to photography as a hobby since a young age. The daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Swiss father, she went to live in Switzerland when she was a little more than 20 years old, and that’s where she discovered a taste for photography and decided to take a course. Since then, she keeps shooting whenever she goes. Currently retired from business, Billian dedicates herself to photography.

The photographer travelled to Morocco four years ago. With a group of friends, she took off from Portugal, where her son was taking part of a golf tournament, to the Arab country. After crossing the border, the group travelled by car to Marrakesh and, on their way, got to know various cities, among them Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat. Among the pictures taken, Billian points out the contrasting colors of the households with the flowers. “I took pictures of the walls, colors, houses”, she says.

The photos from Morocco in the exhibition portray windows, house walls, colorful buildings, a bird against an orange scenario. It was the first, and only one until now, trip by the Brazilian to Morocco. But the photographer didn’t bring only images with her. To ANBA, she said to be impressed with the tranquility of the country and with the government’s focus on healthcare and education. She also noticed the respect with the tourists.

The photo exhibition also brings images from trips to Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Italy, besides Brazil. Those were from visits that Billian made on leisure and also to take pictures. The exhibition at the Novo Projeto store is called “New and old Moments”. Some images were part of other exhibition by Ania Billian called “Windows”, at the Bahia’s Art Museum last year. The central theme of the exhibition was pictures of windows taken throughout the world.

The photos now on display at Novo Projeto are also for sale. They were printed on canvas, a technology that guarantees high quality and durability to the images. Billian was invited to prepare another exhibition at the chain’s store in Recife, to which she is planning a new work.

Photo Exhibition “New and Old Images”
By photographer Ania Billian
From September 1st to December 31st, 2015
At Novo Projeto store, av. Manoel Dias da Silva, 1236 – Salvador – Bahia
Phone: 55 71 3248 2358