How to Choose the Best Camera for Your Individual Needs as a Photographer

We all know that line: “You’re a photographer. What camera should I get?” It comes with being a professional photographer in any capacity. 

I first came across Snapsort quite a few years ago, but it remains as relevant to me as ever. It’s a site I find myself coming back to, be it purely out of curiosity to see how my camera stands up against newer models or for advice when I’m looking to make a new purchase. Snapsort won’t be winning awards for its website layout anytime soon, but that’s not to say it isn’t straightforward to use. Its minimal design only makes it simple to optimize the site; the first way in which to do so is by searching the market based on your budget. Using a handy slider, you can specify the amount you’re willing to spend before hitting the search button. From here, you can modify a number of variables. More of a Nikon fan? That’s fine, cut Canon from the results. Find it impractical operating a camera with just one memory card slot? Cool, there’s an option to single out models that have several.

Once you’ve narrowed it down and have a few potentials, you can head over to what I find to be the fun part: the Snapsort Compare tool. Here, you can input any two cameras and review their strengths and weaknesses side by side. It’s a tool I’ve found invaluable in eliminating cameras I initially thought right for me. First, you can compare prices, but it’s in the technical data that this tool is handiest.
Snapsort highlights the strengths of each camera, before breaking down each aspect of the two you’re comparing and pitting them side by side. 
Placing results in a table, it’s easy to compare everything from the focus to the ISO, battery life to the weight of the camera, etc. of both the models you've selected. They even go as far as breaking many of the technical aspects into percentages (“Around 10% better image quality,” “Around 40% more lenses available for this model,” and so on).