10 easy recipes that make a week's worth of food

Cooking every day seems as daunting as, uh, cooking every day. Especially after work. Especially when there are other things to do. Especially since, what the heck, there's only a couple hours until bedtime (assuming you go to bed at 9:30 pm — just me?).

This is where meal planning comes in. Our advice: Make a giant batch of something (tomato sauce! braised cabbage! soy sauce eggs!) at the beginning of the week, and use throughout the week for easier, faster, and, dare we say it, better dinners.

Here are your 10 favorite recipes from this past year to cook in a batch and eat all week long:

A summer-screaming zucchini schmear and 10 ways it'll save your weeknight meals

It'll be a few months before you can make anything with zucchini, but this butter is worth the wait: soft, freckly, and ready to be tossed with pasta or even stuffed into grilled cheese.

Or any haze, really. You can use canned chickpeas if you're pinched for time (or just don't want to cook dried chickpeas).

A week's worth of buttery tomato sauce? We don't need to be told twice.

We call this "letting your slow-cooker do the work for you."

Bake a ton of quinoa and chickpea flour falafel, then expand your falafel horizons by throwing them into tacos, sliders, and fried egg-topped toast.

We have a healthy obsession with Joan's on third's curried chickpeas: the caramelized onions, the cozy spices, the bright pop of lemon and cilantro.

Cabbage isn't called King of the Crisper for nothin'.