Swedish medieval armored combat

Swedish medieval armored combat yes it´s a sport and a training style and it´s different and sweaty.
Welcome to a different and medieval armored combat, it takes place at the Swedish sci-fi convention in Gothenburg 2017.

United Photo Press journalist Tommy Hammarsten hits a different group of people who have a different fighting and training style. They have armor in iron, helmets, swords and axes. This is no game they fight without holding back full contact.

"Behind me is a big crowd with great expectations, I think nobody really knows what's going to happen, the bells hit, and the game is now seconds with armor fighting now, full in a big mess. It hurts and shrinks in armor, those who lose a weapon get a new weapon to continue with."

The crowd applauds, and shouts well, a person takes home the battle, the others are on the side and watching.

In a few minutes everything is over, the crowd asks do not hurt to get a beat, no answer the coach we are well equipped to withstand everything.

I meet some of the guys in the team after the fight, he is sweaty but satisfied, we will soon ride and compete in Norway, he answers, okay good luck. United Photo Press has experienced a new and different sport S.M.A.C

Tommy Hammarsten 
United Photo Press 2019