Distorted 3D-Scanned Faces Are the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Lee Griggs' haunting 3D scans barely look human anymore.

The canvas that is the 3D-scanned human body offers some wild visual experiences, from 3D-printed Paul McCartneys to video game avatars that look just like you, but few are as uncanny as Lee Griggs' warped digital busts. "I guess I enjoy distorting the human face," Griggs tells The Creators Project about his new, face-melting image series, Deformations. "I like to blur the boundaries between the real and the surreal, I suppose."

"Blur" is a bit of an understatement for these distorted 3D scans, which Griggs downloads from production house Ten 24 and renders in Arnold for Maya. "I feel like I'm at the early stages still with this new project," he says, despite the slew of distorted human visages in his portfolio, from the early alien masks to the grotesque textural experiments that have appeared since he started. "I think there is a lot more that can be done and I know Im going to have fun going there. My goal is to create images that are more complicated with detailed deformations and multiple layers."

The newest addition to Deformations, an ongoing series, is Blockhead, which you can see above. Check out the rest, each more artfully horrifying than the last, in the image selection below:

See the full set, and more of Griggs' work, on his website.