Coronavirus Precautions: Can You Get COVID-19 From Having Sex or Kissing Your Partner? Here’s What You Should Know

Novel Coronavirus, the name has created scare and panic among individuals across the globe. After its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, latest report states the death toll from COVID-19 has crossed 3,000 worldwide, as cases in Italy and Iran continue to worsen and dozens of countries reported their first victims of the illness from the virus. 

The panic about the novel Coronavirus has been running rampant, ever since the outbreak made headlines last year. The search for precautionary measures to avoid getting infected has increased. People continue to look for answers on how they can protect themselves from the deadly virus. Not only if wearing masks could prevent them from getting the infection, but individuals also seek intimate queries. Can you get Coronavirus from kissing your partner? Or if you have sex, will you be infectious to the virus? With the COVID-19 raging across the globe, here is what you should know. US Confirms First Coronavirus Death, Patient Infected With COVID-19 Virus in Washington Dies. 

Google recently revealed the top questions that people have been asking about the deadly virus. Aside from what are the symptoms and if there is any cure to the infection, people were also curious to know if they can catch the virus from kissing or having sex with their partner.
Can You Get Coronavirus From Kissing Your Partner or Having Sex?

The latest report states that France is warning people to no longer greet each other with kisses in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus cases. Although there is no certainty if kissing could spread the disease, epidemiologists worldwide are suggesting people refrain from PDAs. Little is known about how the virus spreads when people share bodily fluids. France's Advisory on Coronavirus Warns People Against Kissing, Bans Large Gatherings. 

Mother Jones quoted Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of California. If a person can get Coronavirus from having sex, Brown was quoted, “There is no indication that Coronavirus is sexually transmitted. I would think this is unlikely in the future, since flu is not sexually transmitted. But, if we are in close contact with someone who has symptoms of flu or Coronavirus (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, headache) as we might be during sex, the likelihood of transmission for non-sexual reasons would be high. Also, infection with any virus including something like an STD can cause initial symptoms similar to the flu.”

While there is no evidence yet that bodily fluids like sperm and vaginal secretion can pass on Coronavirus, it is better to possibly not engaging with someone who is infected by the disease. If you have been in close contact with someone having Coronavirus, and you believe you might have contracted the virus, the National Health Service (NHS) instructs you to immediately visit 111 and use the online service before going to the hospital.

Carol Mercedes
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