10 Easy Macro Photography Ideas You Can Try at Home

JT from the YouTube channel Run N Gun has put together a quick video that takes you through 10 easy macro photography ideas you can try from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re looking for some weekend inspiration that won’t take you out of the house or wake you up at 4am, this ought to do it.

Macro photography tips/ideas/tutorials have been pretty popular this year, what with everyone stuck inside. But if you’re still stuck for ideas, or you’ve exhausted some of the other tutorials we’ve posted, JT shares (and shows) a few fresh options above.

Admittedly, a few of the ideas are pretty predictable—think leaves and jewelry—but he includes some interesting ones like using a big block of ice to capture abstract images or exploring the macro surfaces of your car. In short, the 10 ideas covered in the video are:

Plants & Leaves
Fancy glasses
Backlit water droplets
Jewelry (watches)
A block of ice
Musical instruments
Neon lights
Wood grain
Mechanical parts (nuts, bolts, gears)

And here are some of the images he captured while exploring each of these options:

Check out the full video to see all of these ideas in action—and more sample photos.

Whether you’re shooting macro or just looking for some “weird and creative” photography ideas you can try at home, we’ve got you covered.