A great movie-documentary for both its rarity of the subject and its quality from first minute to last one. 

The accurate title, underlines a unique experiment against greek sociaty that started may 2010, lots of people say. Another acknowledgement of that brutal process is, for example, the article published by one of worlds tops in Political Economy, Paul Craig Roberts, 2018 : Genocide of the Greek Nation. 

Another great example is the candidate for the International Award Albert Camus, Kazakis Dimitris, whos profound long term work and effort to analyze, underline and propose political solutions has been extraordinary. 

Great Work and Highly Recommended Movie!!

LABORATORY GREECE” is a journey through Greece and Europe’s past and recent history: from the Second World War to the current crisis. It is a historical documentary, a look into many stories. 
Website www.labgreece.org 
Press Office mail info@labgreece.org

A Vox Populi.xyz nonprofit Collective production, Italy 2019 

Written and directed by Jacopo Brogi, United Photo Press member
Documentary research: Jacopo Brogi 
Editing and original animations by: David Mitrani Arenal 
Script adaptation-translation-subtitles: Nicoletta Fatsea 
Interviews by: Jacopo Brogi, Ruggero Arenella, Umberto Del Noce, Riccardo Donat – Cattin 
Athens editorial board: Nicoletta Fatsea 
Graphic Design: Laura Gineprini 
Original Design: Elena Carrea 
Music: Dance with Invisible Partners 
Running time/format: 165 minutes – HD, col. 
Release: 2019
You Tube https://youtu.be/nsBGniPF3ZQ