Sex with robots from famous people? See sexual predictions for the coming years

The term sextech may not yet be part of your daily life, but some research indicates that this change should not take long to arrive. Translated as sex technology, the concept involves products, engineering and strategies designed to improve and innovate the human sexual experience.

From remote sex, sex robots and immersive experiences, the Future of Sex Report gives sextech predictions for this decade.

It is certain that we are in 2021 and still no flying cars. However, when it comes to sex, the future is right there (or you can say that it has already arrived). The Future of Sex report, released in 2011, made predictions related to the sextech - union between sex and technology, which tends to be increasingly practiced.

Although futuristic scenarios and plots like the Black Mirror seem to be a very distant reality, the dates predicted by the researchers are closer than you can imagine.

One of them, even, is already behind - according to the report, in 2020, people would regularly pair virtual reality and tactile sex toys to fully immerse themselves in adult entertainment. With increasingly technological toys, realistic video games that allow sexual acts and marriages between humans and sex robots, it can be said that the prediction came true.

Future of Sex's predictions were divided into 5 categories of sexual technology: remote sex, virtual sex, robots, immersive entertainment and augmentation. Among them, some promise crush body parts via a 3D printer, sex with celebrities or even unsurpassed exes, among others - some of them, in this decade. Check out the main ones:

  • In 2033, artists from the adult segment and some celebrities will sell robotic replicas of themselves, designed especially for sex;
  • 1 in 10 adults will have sex with a robot in 2045;
  • In 2025, 3D-printed lover's body parts, enabled with touch feedback, will add realism to distance sex;
  • In 2024 people will be able to be anyone and interact with anyone, being able to realize the most impossible sexual fantasies in photo-realistic virtual worlds;
  • In 2027, even at a distance, the “brain to brain” interfaces will allow partners to stimulate each other to reach orgasm;

Jenna Owsianik 
Ross Dawson