Michael Caine honored at the opening of the Fully-Live Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Michael Caine honored at the opening of the Fully-Live Karlovy Vary Film Festival.  (António Cossa / United Photo Press)

The 55th edition of Karlovy Vary,

The Film Festival came back to life in a fully live format on Friday, after a year of forced break by COVID, with its exciting traditional dance numbers and a Crystal Globe achievement for Michael Caine.

The renowned actor addressed the large audience thanking and
Saying he began his acting journey as "a nobody from nowhere who didn't know anything," Caine told the crowd, "You guys gave me an award for something I love doing.

Festival president Jiri Bartoska honored him with what the actor called the heaviest award he has ever tried to lift at a ceremony. So the Festival opens with a beautiful elaborate choreography based on the American pop song "Popcorn" from the 1960s, with dancers spinning records that reproduced the exclusive KVIFF logo. year, a stylized numeral 55 containing cartoon eyes.

On the Red Carpet we also have Crystal Globe jury members including Eva Mulvad ("A Modern Man", "A Cherry Tale"), former Danish KVIFF winner, Polish actress Marta Nieradkiewicz ("Wild Roses", "Floating Skyscrapers", winner of the 2013 East West Award), Greek writer and director Christos Nikou (“Apples”) and German critic Christoph Terhechte, artistic director of DOK Leipzig, were also featured, along with members of the East West jury.

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António Cossa