UNITED PHOTO PRESS - World Photo Day, August 19th

More than ‘just’ a picture and more than ‘just’ art. A photograph is a memory frozen in time, emotions and all. World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography. Whether you see yourself as an Amateur, Hobbyist or Professional, August 19th is a day to embrace your love of photography.

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The photo is a universal language. It is something that came true in a given time and a given space. That moment photo, often belonging to a distant past becomes alive and present before our eyes and our emotion. It is an instrument that opens the door for you to create and recreate images of the world. Each person pointing camera for any image to be photographed has a different look from the other and this is an unimaginable wealth. Are small peculiarities seen by a camera, and the other camera on the other. This diversity of focus multiplies each moment lived, immortalizing particularly a moment of joy, excitement, natural beauty, artistic expression. This variety of looks is what makes it so fascinating and rich the act of shooting, making it often a true work of art.

In addition, photography is one of the instruments that light up the memory. Without memory there is no history and no history there is no life to remember. Man, from the earliest times, always wanted to perpetuate, telling stories to the children, for the grandchildren so that their narratives crossed time. Even without the mastery of writing, the memory was the only chest of stories. But the man felt then that needed to record what was happening and began to paint the actions of his life on cave walls, initiating the art of painting and writing: acts of memory.

Time passed, the painters continued to record life, until, in the nineteenth century a fact change the view of art and the world: the advent of photography. Before that, there were only two ways to "freeze" a picture: keeping it in mind or asking a painter to do a painting. The first photograph, recognized as such, was made in 1826 by Frenchman Joseph Nicepháre. There was photographic film yet. The image was then recorded on a glass plate with the aid of a darkroom. Had to be even a landscape, because the photo took 14 hours to be registered. Imagine if it were to portray a person! - "Watch the birdie! Just a little more! Watch the birdie just over 14 hours. "

The 14 hours turned into seconds. The frozen image gained movement and voice. Today, we can write an image to the phone memory or computer and even a gold record, able to withstand the ravages of time and the immense radiation in orbit. This disk will into space carrying a collection of photos on board a satellite communication. But nothing compares to the act of contemplating, as long as you want, the moment immortalized in a photo.

August 19, marks the World Day of Photography and is a time to celebrate, it is very good to get a photo album and remembering that ride, that trip, that birthday party, those who were absent but remain with us, not only in the heart, but looking us in the eye! Despite the ease of digital cameras, many still prefer the delicate frame of smiles and always surprising images from the pages of a photo album.

Carlos Alves de Sousa
President of United Photo Press