All our abstract sobs, all pacifist slogans (for peace and for all that is good) are just verbiage if we do not understand who unleashed the war. Talking that all sides are to blame for the war is hypocrisy. This war has an instigator, BUT HE IS NOT ONE.

Remember the meeting of the Security Council? How did the ghoul methodically, one by one, call his accomplices and smear them with blood on camera, and they were shaking with fear, being anointed?

I do not blame them at all, I myself would have behaved in their place.

But the fact is that we are all smeared with blood here. You can, of course, consider that self-condemnation is a painful reaction to stress, but my memory is very good and my head works, despite emotions. I understood everything long ago and did not condemn myself on February 24th.

They constantly write to me here about Donetsk children killed by Ukrainian shells, saying that I don’t feel sorry for them. So, thinking about the notorious collective responsibility, I recall Dostoevsky, this remark by Porfiry Petrovich:

- You killed...

Who killed the children, saving whom from the evil fascists, Russian soldiers are now burning Kharkov, Chernigov and Kyiv?

YOU killed them, WE ALL killed them.

Everyone who supported Putin, albeit with reservations. Everyone who rejoiced at KRYMNASh. All those who made fun of the "ridiculous language" of a small neighboring country. All those who "did not interfere in politics." All those who repeated the terrible news from the Donbass, without giving them any assessment.

I want to learn more about this news, since I myself was involved in this.

In 2014, I worked as a designer in a good RR magazine, whose editor-in-chief, very kind and smart Vitaly L., a native of Donetsk land, turned it into a “mouthpiece of Donbass”.

The transformation happened almost instantly, and I did not notice how I was already typesetting the weekly sheets of Donetsk letters from the selfless journalist Marina A.

Well, I didn't notice. I noticed everything. I read all these terrible (and true!) stories about Donetsk children, old people (Putin is currently “protecting” them), militias, dogs, and I understood that, perhaps, there is not a drop of lies in them from beginning to end, but in general, these artless stories were the most terrible lies.

It was a deception of "objective" journalism, when only facts are allegedly presented without any conclusions, but, in fact, there is an interchange of cause and effect.

“Children are dying from Ukrainian shells, so the militiaman Ivan could not help but go to war,” and all this with direct speech, right from the scene, was obtained at the risk of life.

And it's all true. And the children are dying, which is terrible, and the militiaman Ivan did not lie, and the journalist Marina is fearless.

But the cause is confused with the effect, again they forgot to tell us who started the war, who is the aggressor country, and who is the victim. They forgot to remind you that there are no bloodless invasions of foreign territory, and in order for the Ukrainian projectile to fly in this direction, it was first necessary to arrange a wonderful spring holiday in the Crimea, then “go to the Voentorg” for weapons for the militias in the East. We were not told what any alteration of the borders is fraught with, they did not even hint, for the slow-witted, what they would do with the armed separatists on the territory of the Russian Federation itself.

It would be boring to read all this, but the touching personal story of the militiaman Ivan and his dog, who left the hut and went to fight, is interesting to us.

No, besides stories, they told something: about the dehumanization of the Donbass (Ukrainians consider them eastern subhumans), about the Ukrainian ultra-right (it is necessary to show their stripes with swastikas), but again, they forgot to remind how many fascists there are in Ukraine and what percentage they receive in the elections .

This was not a “crucified boy” of federal channels, not an obvious lie, but a more terrible kind of lie that cannot be refuted, which lies only in the subtext, in the reason and purpose of the text, and not in its words.

And, even without believing in the Russian World, it was necessary to take note and conclude that “not everything is so simple” - yes, Putin is not perfect, but the “other side” is also no better.

All this, one way or another, was a “blood libel”, which should inevitably raise the degree of hatred and cause an influx of new “Ivans” leaving their native huts to die for the Russian World.

And it was a vicious circle - as the Russian World advanced (or actively defended), there were more and more tortured children, "angels of Donbass", and the children, in turn, were raised on the flag for the further offensive of the Russian World.
No one explained why, where the Russian World did not come, Russian people did not die, but simply lived.

The kindest Vitaly fed everyone with pies from Donetsk, the selfless Marina took pictures of children and dogs and sent reports, and I, a modest performer, arranged texts and photos into a simple layout of the Actual heading.
What prevented me from leaving the magazine as soon as everything started? Fear of losing a job, promiscuity in ways of earning? 
A little bit of both, but the main thing is a complete misunderstanding that any of my actions will have consequences. The action seemed so small, I was too easily replaced to feel like a significant link in this chain.

Yes, of course, I went to all the rallies, I always expressed my position openly and it was disgusting to make up these reports, but I felt like a victim, not an accomplice.
And the work of hell was being done, the “blood libel” was getting stronger and one day, while relaxing in a village near Ryazan, I heard from the light room, where the TV was comfortably blinking news, the remarks of those sitting at evening tea: “a bomb should have been dropped on Ukraine long ago” and the calm affirmative answer of those chewing mouth
Then I probably thought for the first time that I didn’t want not only to typeset some magazines, but also to live in Russia.

So who killed these children? 
Ukrainians who considered Russians subhuman (there were such), careless Ukrainian artillerymen (for sure there were), irresponsible Ukrainian politicians (I'm sure they were)?
No, guys, after all, it was the one who invaded a foreign country, sent in troops and brought equipment, conducted constant propaganda in the Russian Federation, collecting cannon fodder, the one who commanded the actions of the separatists from the outside (as Girkin tells about it), the one who who interviewed and photographed them, who published touching reports about them, who made up these reports, received a salary and paid taxes to the budget. That is, WE.

Surely this will be read by those who did all this out of duty and conviction, and those who, on the contrary, are completely clean (“we did not choose them”).
I will tell everyone - we are still TOGETHER. Together we will roar. Together we will meet the corpses of Russian soldiers. Together we will learn about terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro. Together we will receive our share of grief and hatred, regardless of beliefs and degree of guilt.
We are all - both accomplices and victims, we are in this position, even if they did not ask us, we were put in this position, but this does not change anything.

Ivan Grigoriev
#НетВойне / #No war