11 shockingly accurate predictions from Nostradamus including the war between Russia and Ukraine

In these cases, we couldn't ignore his speculative prowess.

Nostradamus' incredibly accurate predictions including the war between Russia and Ukraine

Nostradamus was a French astrologer born in the early 16th century. He worked as a doctor, but is famous for his supposed ability to predict the future. In fact, he is credited with predicting many important world events from the rise of Hitler to 9/11.

Naturally, these claims are met with much skepticism, but many of his predictions contain very specific details that have come true.

Now, many think that the famous astrologer may have predicted the war between Russia and Ukraine, as one of his many predictions leaves a vague idea that France would face danger from the east. "The blue head will harm the white head to such a degree as the good of France to both must be," he predicted, reports History.co. Could this prediction – only speculated to refer to 2022, as Nostradamus' predictions are based on astrological movements and not the calendar – be referring to the outbreak of World War III?

The world's attention is focused on the armed conflict that broke out in Ukraine after Russia's highest authority, Vladimir Putin, approved military operations in different Ukrainian cities, a fact that provoked thousands of reactions. Now, social networks comment on Russian actions and there are those who have raised a prediction of the famous Nostradamus.

Over the years, Nostradamus' prophecies have become viral topics on the internet, as on several occasions they have been fulfilled and followers of these writings consider that many events of global relevance were anticipated.

On this occasion, it was pointed out that the prophet had spoken of the current armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In this sense, what he said in one of his centuries was the following: “Around the big city there will be soldiers lodged in fields and suburbs”

In this regard, many netizens wonder if this will be what starts a military procedure that involves different countries of the world, in what could be a terrible escalation of war for many innocent people.

Nostradmus was apparently an author and poet, as well as a seer and physician. He recorded numerous predictions during his lifetime, many of them in his famous book "Les Prophéties", published in 1555.

"Les Propheties"
The prophecies in his book are written as poems, usually four lines long. His artistic reflections have exasperated historians, and many of them can be interpreted as applicable to a range of events.

Facts or fiction?
Les Prophéties contained nearly 1000 predictions, many of which were little more than poetic ramblings. That said, there are several predictions that are so specific they're hard to ignore! Let's look at them.

King Henry II
Nostradamus was a friend of King Henry II of England. In a letter to the king, he called him "the most invincible Henry, King of France". But his writings in Les Prophéties say otherwise.
Nostradamus wrote that the king would be overthrown in battle by a younger "lion". He specifically said, "He will pierce your eyes through a gilded cage / Two wounds made one, then die a cruel death."
King Henry II really died a cruel death. He was jousting when his younger opponent's spear hit his helmet, and the spear snapped in two. The wood pierced his eye and temple, leaving him badly injured. The king suffered for 10 days before dying from his wounds.

Great Fire of London
Nostradamus died in the 16th century, but he predicted something terrible would happen in the next century. A poem in his book references the "fire of 66".
In 1666, a small fire started in a London bakery and grew into a fire that consumed the city for three days. It killed several people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.
The French Revolution
Many believe that Nostradamus predicted the French Revolution in a poem that says "Songs, chants and claims will come from the enslaved / Held captive by the nobility in their prisons".
The French Revolution began in 1789 with the storming of the Bastille. The French people decided to revolt against the nobles who treated them unfairly and began by attacking the Bastille, a prison that was seen as a symbol of the monarchy's power.

Reign of King Philip II of Spain
Nostradamus wrote a poem that describes the rise and fall of King Philip II's reign. The first lines of the poem predict that King Philip will initially prosper. That was true! He also stated that he would "reduce the Arab army". This seems to refer to the Battle of Lepanto. A Spanish fleet clashed with ships sent by the Ottoman Empire and brutally defeated them.
Then he predicts a change in the king's fortunes. Philip was a Catholic ruler, and when the Catholic Mary of Scots was executed, his beneficial alliance with England was also broken.
Finally, Nostradamus says that King Philip's fortune will be destroyed by a "young onion". The young onion may have been the Protestant king of France, Henry IV. Henry and Philip disagreed over religion and fought throughout their lives.

Louis Pasteur's career
Louis Pasteur was a 19th century French chemist and microbiologist who made important scientific discoveries. He discovered that microorganisms cause fermentation and invented the pasteurization process, which is named after him. His work also contributed to the first vaccines against rabies and anthrax.
Nostradamus predicted that someone named Pasteur would discover things that had been hidden for centuries and be celebrated as a divine figure. He also predicted that Pasteur would be dishonored later.
In 1995, a scientific historian published a book confirming that Pasteur lied about using the work of a rival scientist to create his anthrax vaccine. This knocked him off his pedestal, as Nostradamus said.

Hitler's Rise
Hitler's rise is one of the scariest and most accurate prophecies made by Nostradamus. His poem read as follows: “From the depths of Western Europe, / From the poor will be born a child / He who with his tongue will seduce a great troop; ... Fierce beasts of hunger will cross the rivers.”
Hitler was born to poor parents in Western Europe and, as we know, had a tremendous talent for convincing millions of people to follow him, many of whom he turned into a ruthless army.

Charles de Gaulle's leadership
In another poem, Nostradamus includes the line "A man called de Gaulle is a triple leader...he shall be known above all monarchs". Charles de Gaulle was one of the most glorified leaders in French history.
De Gaulle commanded Free France in the war against the Nazis during World War II. When France regained its freedom, he became prime minister for two years while democracy was restored. A decade later, he became president. There's the triple leader!

The atomic bomb
Nostradamus made a prophecy that two cities would suffer a terrible scourge the likes of which the world had never seen. This certainly describes the destruction caused by the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.
He describes a "proud nation brought down by the stone in the tree". Pride and honor are hallmarks of Japanese culture, and the stone in the tree is speculated to refer to the mushroom-shaped cloud created by the bombs.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the pivotal moments of the 20th century. Many believe that Nostradamus foresaw this famous crime when he wrote "From above, evil will befall the great man." This could refer to the fact that a large man was shot by a sniper from a roof.
He goes on to suggest that an innocent man will be blamed for the crime, which many people believe to be the case. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder, but was murdered the day after the murder. There are theories that he was just a scapegoat, and the real killer escaped. Nostradamus claims that the guilty person will remain "in the fog".

9/11 attacks
One of Nostradamus' most famous prophecies seems to predict the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The first verse of the poem says that the sky will burn at 45 degrees. Some suggest that this refers to the fact that New York is close to 45 degrees latitude.
It also talks about “the great new city” being destroyed by fire. This could again refer to New York and how the entire city was affected by the attack. The impact on the city was huge and lasting, not to mention the ash from the burning towers scattered far and wide.
The lines “blood will be shed / mercy to none” may refer to the tragic loss of life. Nearly 3000 people died in the attacks that day.

Nostradamus predicted the pandemic?
In the year 2020, it was speculated that Nostradamus also predicted the coronavirus outbreak, but there doesn't seem to be much substantiation in these claims. Nostradamus lived in a time when plagues were common, and he made 35 predictions related to plague outbreaks!

What does the future hold for us?
Their predictions for the next few years include Earth-destroying asteroids, global famine and a zombie apocalypse. Good thing not all of his prophecies come true!