Happy New Year 2024 to all, especially to our esteemed members of United Photo Press!

Happy New Year 2024 to all, especially to our esteemed members of United Photo Press!

Good evening to everyone gathered here tonight. We express our gratitude for your presence.

Within the diverse community of United Photo Press, each member brings unique values and norms, collectively forming a rich tapestry of humanity—a topic we'd like to explore tonight.

Let's delve into the concept of welfare. What does prosperity mean to each of you? Often, welfare is tied to material aspects, and traditional welfare states are intricately linked to economic conditions. When the economy faces challenges, so does welfare. These conventional welfare models, rooted in materialism, are becoming increasingly fragile. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has underscored the interdependence of people worldwide and exposed the vulnerabilities of systems built solely on material wealth.

The pandemic has demonstrated that the current economic model and norms are susceptible to disruptions. The first fissures are already evident. In this era of uncertainty, predictions are unreliable, and the foundations of welfare are shifting. It's time to reconsider the values that underpin our welfare systems.

The crisis has revealed the need for a new form of solidarity—one that extends beyond borders and includes a global collaboration of all forces on Earth. The youth, in particular, are expressing their discontent. Their actions often reflect a sense of being undervalued and misunderstood. This dissatisfaction may lead to conflict or even participation in groups with harmful ideologies.

Solidarity is the key. It's not about mass production or suppressing the masses for the sake of health and the economy. Rather, it's about prioritizing individual well-being and investing in personal growth. If we redefine welfare to include essentials like food, water, clean air, and personal development, each individual can contribute more meaningfully to society.

In the upcoming year, let's focus on our individual values and norms. Invest in yourself and discover your unique qualities. By doing so, you become a more valuable member of society, fostering a sense of belonging for everyone on Earth. Let us strive for a world where each person feels valuable, eliminating conflicts and promoting harmony.

The new age children emerging today and those to come are more sensitive and powerful. Investing in their well-being is an investment in a harmonious future. Let's set an example for them by embracing our individuality and encouraging them to do the same.

As we move forward, forgiveness and understanding will play a crucial role in resolving conflicts globally. The shift towards what some may consider 'paranormal' will be a privilege, as intuition and higher guidance become increasingly valuable in navigating uncertain times. The normal will become paranormal, and a new society based on different norms and values will emerge.

In the grandeur of the Universe, each individual is important. Embrace your uniqueness, invest in your personal values, and live authentically. Smile at a stranger daily, creating a ripple effect of harmony.

Here's to a prosperous and harmonious 2024!

Carlos Alves de Sousa 
President of United Photo Press