High End 2022: Show Report

Raidho Room with Moon electronics.

I’ll start off this report with a link to a nice teaser video from Cayetano Castellano for Artesania that also unveils some brand-new products.

Artesania Audio Product Presentation (link to Facebook)

Here’s a picture of Lori Lieberman who will be performing live at the Munich Show. Cayetano told me that he and she met in Las Vegas a few years back when she was performing in a hotel during the CES convention.

Artesania Audio Website
Day 1 – Preparation Day


Here is the Taiko room, fully prepared and ready for tomorrow’s show. In this picture: Alsyvox Raffaello full-range dipole planar speakers, Taiko SGM Extreme Music Server, Lampizator Horizon DAC, Jadis JPL MkII preamp, Jadis I70 integrated amp, Jadis JA30MkII power amplifiers, and Omega Audio Concepts Elements cables.

Horizon DAC tube complement

Read side of the system with many meters of Omega Audio Concepts Elements cables

External speaker crossover

Taiko Team tanking up on Bavarian food and drinks:-)

Photos by Emile Bok of Taiko Audio

Taiko Audio Website
Alsyvox Website

Aries Cerat – full system with the massive Aperio preamplifier and equally massive Janus mono power amplifiers, flanked by the gorgeous Aurora horn speakers, and served by the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme.

Aries Cerat Website
Taiko Audio Website

One of the Magico rooms, here with Pilium Alexander preamplifier and Pilium Achilles power amplifier and a front end consisting of the MSB Select DAC and Taiko Audio SGM Extreme.

Magico A5 speakers

Taken on the first day just after completing the setup

Magico Website
Pilium Website
Taiko Audio Website

Full SPEC system with Pachanko Ilumnia speakers, and Pachanko Constellation Masterpiece Music Server.

Pachanko Website
Ilumnia Website
SPEC Website
Day 2 – First Business Day


Here’s Robert Brijde of PUUR Audio, Video & Domotica with the new Flagship Goldmund speaker GAIA. The speakers come in two parts and weigh approximately 440KG each.

Photos by Robert Brijde of PUUR Audio, Video & Domotica

Goldmund Website
PUUR Website

AvantGarde room

AvantGarde Trio XD with Basshorn XD. The source was Vinyl, courtesy of the new SME Model 60 turntable. See stock images below.

Besides AvantGarde electronics, the room also featured a delicious complement of Wadax and CH Precision components.

Photos by Edward HSU of Taiko Audio

AvantGarde Website

Linn Room

All-Linn system with Klimax 350 speakers, naturally with the Klimax DSM at its core, but according to our reporter, also with a Vinyl source (not pictured).